Gursor Maker
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Description Gursor Maker is a graphical user interface that allows manipulating cursor themes for X11. It provides an option to import themes made for Stardock CursorXP.
  • Easy to use graphical interface with animated preview of cursors
  • Customizable effects (HSV adjust, colorize, shadow)
  • Import X11 cursor themes
  • Import Stardock CursorXP themes
  • Export to X11 cursor theme format
Current version The current release version is 0.6.0. It is still in beta stage. I have decided to release the code now, though it is still very messy. So be warned that it might still contain bugs. If you find one, don't keep it for yourself!
  • Python 2.3+ with the Numeric package
  • PyGTK 2.8+
  • xcursorgen
Screenshots Click on the thumbnails to open the screenshots.
The main window The properties window The list of modifiers The modifier property panel
Files The current version (0.6.0) can be downloaded in different formats:
New-feature-meter This section is here to help you keep track of features that are being implemented and planned for future versions. If you think of a functionality which may be added and which isn't listed here, send me an email so that we can consider it together. If you are interested, you can checkout the cvs version at any time.
Supporting This project is free and you of course don't have to pay anything for it. But if you find it useful and you would like to show your support, you are always welcome to donate. 10% of your donation will go to the Gnome Foundation.
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Many thanks in advance!
To do
  • Serious code clean up! (I reckon it is very dirty now)
  • Documentation
  • Finish the things cited above which are not fully completed
Notes I would like to ask people who would have ideas, suggestions and comments on usability and interface issues to feel free posting their views on the forum.

Nosy people will notice that the current code contains a function to write cursors directly without using xcursorgen. However, it is not used by the export function, which still depends on xcursorgen. As a matter of fact, my function is about 4 times slower than the tool provided with X11! Damn C!